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A mosaic of colors and impressions

A mosaic of colors and impressions

Employees of Metafrax Chemicals visited the international exhibition-forum "Russia" in Moscow at VDNH.

Sergey Abdullin, head of the section of the power supply shop, Alexander Pirogov, design engineer of the design department, and Kristina Pirogova, specialist of the HR Department, visited the "Russia" exhibition on Perm Krai Day, the program of which was full of business, cultural and entertainment events. The stand of the region delighted the guests with the atmosphere of the region nature, rich traditions and high technologies - the robot Ardi read poetry, sang and vividly communicated with visitors.

One of the landmark events for young people was the launch of the regional project "Perm Krai is in touch!", which took place at a meeting of the governor of the region Dmitry Makhonin with young countrymen living in Moscow. Representatives of Prikamye enterprises presented opportunities of their companies for young professionals. Metafrax Chemicals was presented at the meeting by Sergey Abdullin, who told the participants about the "chemistry", thanks to which the Youth Organization of the enterprise achieves high results.

Moreover, as a speaker, Sergey took part in the strategic session following the results of the All-Russian Forum of Working Youth-2023.

- It was nice to see and communicate with the participants of the youth forum, which took place in September in Perm. This session was no less fruitful. Unfortunately, it was not possible to see the sites of other regions in full at the exhibition, but our Perm Region was in all its glory. I didn't doubt it! – Sergey Abdullin told us.

Alexander Pirogov also shared his emotions:

- Visiting the exhibition left an incredible impression on me. It was a real immersion into the richness of the cultural diversity of our country. Each region has presented something unique and exciting: from national crafts to culinary traditions, from holidays to historical artifacts. All this has created an incredible mosaic of colors and impressions. The organization of the event was impeccable, and the atmosphere was filled with pride in our multinational heritage. It was not just a viewing of the exhibitions, but a real journey through Russia, which left me completely delighted and ready to immerse myself in this amazing world.