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Assistance to the families with special needs children

Assistance to the families with special needs children

An interactive photo exhibition “Mother of a Special Child” opened at the “Dream” Palace of Culture in Orekhovo-Zuevo, Moscow Region. The Solnechny Family and Child Development Center implemented jointly the socially oriented project for special needs children, the Metadynea company and the Mechta recreation center.

The exhibition is aimed at attracting the attention of city residents to the problems of special children adaptation in society and their interaction with people around them. Six families of pupils of the Solnechny Center took part in the creation of the photo exhibition. Each of them shared their story through a video message integrated into the portrait photograph.

It is very important for us to highlight the enormous work of our children’s parents,” Marina Migunova, head of the Solnechny Family and Child Development Center, shared the details of the project. “We have families with natural and adopted special children. Each of them goes their own way. Often, family members not only overcome everyday difficulties with the children, but also help those around them interact with special children. I think that this project can be another step on this path.

On December 9, a presentation of portrait photograph for project participants took place at the Mechta Palace of Culture. Children, their parents and volunteers saw the results of photo and video shooting for the first time, and also received New Year’s gifts from the Metadynea company and the Mechta Palace of Culture. An entertainment program was held for children participating in the project.

- Metadynea has a long and fruitful cooperation with the Solnechny Center, as well as with other charitable and social organizations in the places where it operates. This project is a new milestone in collaboration. After the presentation, we received positive feedback from parents, children and the first spectators of the exhibition. This means that our social initiative is in demand and has serious prospects. “Many thanks to all participants, project partners and colleagues for their involvement and personal contribution to the common cause,” said Igor Spassky, managing director of Metadynea.

The photo exhibition is open to the public from December 11 to 17 at the Mechta Palace of Culture (Naberezhnaya St., 9A). Opening hours of the exhibition in the palace hall: from 09:00 to 20:00.