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Architects of the Future

Architects of the Future

The Perm State Art Gallery hosts a new interactive exhibition for children. The sixth part of the Chemistry of Art joint educating project of the museum and Metafrax Group is within the Perm-300 program. The exhibition tells about architecture and it’s remarkable that children were involved in its establishment. Like the other exhibitions within the Chemistry of Art project, it goes from Perm to Gubakha and other cities of the Perm Territory.

The Arc, Beam and Capital exhibition started in the Perm State Art Gallery. It’s a continuation of the Chemistry of Art project, where classic art works, creative process and the strong bond of science and art are explained to children in captivating manner and plain language.

We open the sixth exhibition throughout five years. Step by step we support the project, which aim and meaning match with the mission of our brand: Foundation of Tomorrow. No doubts, children are the foundation of tomorrow. I’m grateful to the Perm State Art Gallery team for the joint work on this unique educating project. It’s unlimited, we will be continuing and developing it, we are open for new creative ideas. We also listen to the feedback from young visitors. Today’s children think and dream up bravely and the task of grown-ups is to make their dreams come true, highlighted the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Metafrax Group Armen Garslyan.

The Arc, Beam and Capital exhibition helps to understand what the architecture is made of, what makes a building a masterpiece and how cities function. It’s dedicated to the 300-years anniversary of Perm. There it’s possible to play with a big magnet map of the city, placing remarkable objects, construct buildings of different styles and epochs from wooden blocks, and even to take a look into the future: look through the telescope at the art gallery and see how it will look like in a new building: one of the key objects under construction for the anniversary celebration.

The subject of the museum relocation organically fits into the story about Perm architecture and it’s understood by children. We asked school children, which regularly come to classes in the gallery and immerse in its life, to draw a comic book about the relocation in a new building at the Shpagin Plant. Children made up a Bubbles-Man, a Box-Man and other characters. They told a story in a funny and easy manner, in a way that we adults couldn't, shared one of the exhibition’s curators Ksenia Zubakina.

Kinesthetic and interactive exhibits stand beside the original works from the gallery’s collection: architectural drawings from XVIII – XX masters, landscapes of Viktor Kuzin and Aleksandr Zyryanov. Paintings with historical views of Perm are accompanied by QR-codes, by opening them it’s possible to see the present look of the same location. The especially valuable exhibit is a unique drawing of Pavel Razmakhnin. It was drawn in 1832 and depictures a city’s panoramic view, the look of Perm before a devastating fire in 1842.

Director of Strategic Communications at Metafrax Group Maria Konovalova said that interactive exhibitions for children created together with the museum are relevant in the other regions.

The gallery’s team is an amazing creative team. What we have done together for five years is now in demand not only in Perm. It means looking far ahead and creating a project with a great future.

In Astrakhan, a franchise will show Ethereal Beauty, an exhibition about icons and temple sculpture. Another of Chemistry of Art's past exhibitions will be repeated in Omsk.