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​With Care for Nature

​With Care for Nature

Volunteers of Metafrax Group participated in an environmental campaign “Volunteer of Perm Park”. Together with the workers of the Directorate for protected area of the Perm Territory, the holding activists improved the territory around the natural monument of regional significance such as Stone Town and the rock bed Shumikhinskiy rocks.

With joint efforts the campaign participants arranged the territory by installing wooden benches and small houses for souvenir selling, reinforced a wooden floor on the nature trail. A significant scope of works has been done to clean the Stone Town and Shumikhinskiy rocks from the garbage left by careless visitors.

We would like to express deep gratitude to everybody, who participated in the improving of the Stone Town and Shumikhinskiy rocks, these monuments are one of the most beautiful natural jewels in the crown of the Kama region, stated the Directorate for protected area of the Perm Territory.

17 people represented Metafrax Group in this green event: a big and united team from the youth organization of Metafrax Chemicals, a student from the Ural Chemical Technology College and the lead expert on sustainable development issues of Metafrax Group Yulia Yershova.

Tourists passing by called the volunteers heroes. Of course, it’s pleasant to hear that, but the folks didn’t work hard for praise and not to impress someone. In my opinion, these people just love their region and they are also very responsible and hardworking. I was glad to work in such a united, merry and dedicated team. I wish the folks to stay healthy, prosper and implement all their plans and hopes!