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MetaTransStroy is leaded by Eugeniy Berezin

MetaTransStroy is leaded by Eugeniy Berezin

Board of MetaTransStroy LLC has appointed a new company general director. The company is leaded by Eugeniy Berezin.

Eugeniy V. Berezin was born in 1981 in Zima town of Irkutsk region. He graduated from the Irkutsk State University majoring in geology. He was additionally educated in the Independent center of certification and expertise (Moscow) majoring in industrial and civil construction and corporate economics and management.

His professional journey started in the East Siberia. He’s been working as a dispatcher of an oil-gas field, and then he’s become a foreman. Then he’s been working at construction of the units for LNG processing, compressing stations, infrastructure and social facilities. He’s been managing large capacity oversized equipment, ensuring functioning of special devices. Starting from February of 2022 – in Metafrax Chemicals he’s been working as a deputy of the construction project manager.

MetaTransStroy LLC is a part of Metafrax Group. The company provides full range of services in industrial and civil construction, as well as services of cargo-carrying, passenger and road constructing machines. The main types of activities: building and construction, technical equipment installation, commercial concrete production, internal and inter-town shipment of cargo and passengers, rent of special equipment.