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​Recreational holidays

​Recreational holidays

This summer more than 240 children of employees of JSC Metafrax Chemicals rested and improved their health in Perm and Krasnodar summer camps. The company has allocated more than 18 million rubles for children's summer holidays.

99 children improved their health at the children's health complex Druzhba in the Krasnodar Territory. The parental fee for this made up 15 thousand rubles, the company took over the rest of the expenses.

142 kids spent their holidays in summer camps of the Perm Territory: 105 out of them were in the suburban recreation center Skazka in Berezniki, 37 kids were in the suburban children's health camp Nechaika. The parental fee for holidays in camps of the Perm Territory made up 5 thousand rubles. Children of some categories, including families with many children, had a rest at the expenses of JSC Metafrax. In 2023, the total amount of company’s expenses for holidays in children’s camps made up 18 million 130 thousand rubles. Except holidays in children’s summer camps, there is an annual implementation of Mother and Child program providing vouchers. The company’s employees can go with their children to a recreation or boarding house for rest and recreation.

Anton Kochnev, Deputy Director for сultural and mass work of the children’s summer camp Skazka told us after the finish of the 3rd session, how everything is going on with participation of children, whose parents work in Metafrax:

“Very active children come to us: many of them already know where they are going and what awaits them. There is a kind of tradition that folks from Gubakha express themselves brightly. Teenagers, when they turn 15 or more, come back to the camp after training as junior counsellors. Sessions are quite eventful, we aim to keep the children busy and offer the maximum to them: workshops, classes, competitions, events for the whole camp and within the squads.”

Mr .Kochnev also shared his impressions on the Golden Crow cinema festival that became traditional for the 3rd camp session, next year it will celebrate its 10 years anniversary.

“Squads shoot films and thoroughly prepare for a premiere. Counsellors and other camp’s employees try to convey the atmosphere similar to real film festivals, including the red carpet, statuettes, everything for the full immersion. This year, one of the main awards, a prestigious statuette in the Best Actress category, was given to Amina, a young artist from Gubakha.

Many participants of the camp session emotionally share their stories about the camp, highlighting that it’s not their first visit. They also point out such memorable events as KVN (Club of the Funny and Inventive people), Golden Crow film festival, dancing show, Camera Hunt and Treasure Island games. Folks are happy, for three weeks they can switch from the home routine to the new environment and constellation.

Kristina, who became fond of the camp Skazka over the years, told us that she is waiting for a trip there more than to the sea.

“I’m going to the camp with my friends, but also waiting for new acquaintances. I like everything in the camp: counsellors, events, food. Our squads are friendly, sessions are heartwarming and I don’t want to leave the camp.”

Taking care of employees' children, along with other ESG initiatives, is one of the components of the active social policy implemented by Metafrax Group. Every year, companies of the Group organize and finance the recreation and health improvement of their employees' children.