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​In the top ten strongest

​In the top ten strongest

The activists of Metafrax Chemicals youth organization have participated in the tourist event of the working young people of Perm region. The event was held last weekend at the territory of Kudymkar municipal district.

The company employees participated as a part of the team Youth in KUBe. 20 people participated in it, out of them 16 are Metafrax employees. To the tourist event also came 5 supporters of the team.

The tourist event topic for this year became Mystic Territory, it was based on legends and superstitions of the Komi-Permyak people. The teams were greeted at the venue by a creative folk group performing a Komi-Permyak song. Combined with a round dance, immersion into the thematic atmosphere was instantaneous.

After ceremonial opening participants went to the locations for master classes. The teams were expected to learn how to play national music instruments, how to dance tupi-tap, learn Komi-Permyak language. Also participants were making amulets from birchbark, sticks from cotton and flowers, decorating bandanas with painted stamps. After that they got traditional fish soup, pastry and a drink sur.

The event planners have prepared plenty of art contests and sport competitions. The participants were supposed to walk on the "Bear track” (a tourist track), compete at Dzulimpiada (Komi-Permyak sport games), surprise the judges with their cooking skills.

The teams’ captains by lotting were defining the topic of its performance for the song contest, as well as for camp presentation. Youth in KUBe lotted the film Ivan Vasil'evich is changing profession. In the art competition the team was expected to show a prologue to the third season of the Territory. A dish for the contest Young knives from the team with participation of the company employees included cheese balls, potato wedges, fried chicken wings, as well as a drink for degusting. The participants presented the dish as the lotted earlier film.

Based on the competition results Youth in KUBe rated among ten strongest teams. About the tourist event spoke the design-engineer of Metafrax Chemicals Natal'ya Polovinchenko, captain of the team Youth in KUBe:

“This year out team partially changed the list. New talented and creative activists of Metafrax Chemicals Youth organization got into it. With joint efforts for three weeks we have been creating scenarios, rehearsing, making set and props for performance. These were eventful days, when after work you go to rehearse till 10 p.m., and all the weekend is spent painting the props. I would like to thank all participants and supporters of the team for the invaluable contribution. Because exactly due to belonging we rated among ten strongest teams of the working young people of Perm region. No doubt, each member will remember for a long time this tourist event – full of bright events, emotions and unbelievable energy of active young people”.

Total in 2023 the tourist event accepted 23 teams from 19 municipal regions of Perm region – 550 people. The event planners based on a request from the Agency for Youth Affairs in Perm region became the Regional youth center and the Association of the working young people in Perm region supported by the administration of Kudymkar municipal district.